Ultimate date of application

Sunday 8th of april 2018, 11.59pm

Registration Fee

€ 12 per horse per class
Registration after ultimate date of application € 20 per horse per class


Saturday the 5 of may 2018 8.30am


Azelhof Horse Events, Aarschotsesteenweg 201, 2500 Koningshooikt (Lier) – Belgium





It is not mandatory to vaccinate your horse, but we strongly recommend it.
Rhino: All our horses are vaccinated against Rhino. This does not exclude them to be carrier of the virus. The spread of the virus takes place through direct contact between horses and humans.
Influenza: The virus causes an infection of the higher respiratory tract. This infection can show symptoms of loss of appetite, coughing and general sick feeling.
Again, we do not make it mandatory to vaccinate your horse, but we strongly recommend it. Horse who are not vaccinated, have a higher risk of being contaminated. Please ask your veterinary.

Exposition and transport:
The owners are responsible for knowing and complying to the requirements for the health concerning showing their horses and the transport to and from the show. Please ask your local veterinary.

Cruelty, misuse or inhuman treatment of a horse in the arena, stables or on the terrain where the show is held, is strictly prohibited. The use of stimulants or calming products or a drug that can influence the showing of your horse is prohibited.

Participation is entirely on your own risk. The show management cannot be held responsible for accidents, damage or loss of personal properties or animals that might occur.

Restitution of entry fees:
There will be no restitution of entry fees without written declaration of a veterinary concerning a disease or injury that prevents the horse from being shown. Replacements are accepted without surcharge.